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It just takes a click on that email attachment from

the courier delivery that you are half expecting

for a bit of malware to ruin your day. Keyloggers, Trojans, Scams, Virusses, Ransomware; a lot of our time is taken up by malware removal. A good proportion of infected computers will need the data copying, the hard disk wiping and the system reinstalling. This will involve reloading all the software - including the dodgy copies of Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office that were installed by that friend that you haven’t seen for years and that you have neither the install disc nor the product keys for. We can’t reinstate these so make sure that you have some up-to-date antivirus product installed (computer magazines regularly rank them, and companies such as AVG, Avast and Eset offer limited but still functional free versions of their paid for products). Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows Defender these days) is a safe bet for basic protection. The best advice is to be careful what you click on and to operate behind a firewall. Routers generally use a technique called Network Address Translation which provides a good level of firewall protection and Windows has a reasonably effective software firewall. Companies like Checkpoint (Zone Alarm) offer a better level of protection for a subscription. Alternative operating systems are less susceptible to attack partly due to their lower user bases offering less easy pickings but mostly because they don’t automatically offer administrator privileges (this can be easily reset to provide much more security - Microsoft default settings have historically tended towards ease of use at the expense of security) and only install software in obvious places rather than burying bits of it throughout the operating system. We use Linux a lot for day-to-day use and web browsing and Windows when we need to. Not using Windows means that your computer runs twice as quickly because it doesn’t have to waste resources on antivirus software. Several of our clients run Linux in pubs and similar environments where uncontrolled internet use is likely - we seldom hear from them until the computer hardware fails.

Virusses and Malware