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Old Boxes

We don’t have the facilities to keep something as classic as this Ferranti Pegasus on the left. The Computer Conservation Society has produced an emulator though - you can can download it from John Wheater’s website here  ( .

I encountered the ICL 1902A on the right during my stint at Thames Polytechnic in 1971. Though I don’t remember this member of the computer centre staff

In Stock

IBM model 70 (386 model) 80 MB HDD, floppy, W3.11/Dos 6.2, Micro Channel Architecture, 6MB RAM, 4MB on expansion card, MCA ethernet card so will talk to Windows networks, will get on the internet but results are a little slow to say the least. Ex bank in 1992, 1987 model, still in use until traded in to us 2011. I doubt it’s replacement will do as well. CMOS battery tired.

Tandy TRS80 model 1 - complete with boxes, most accessories, screen, cassette recorder, 4K RAM, BASIC interpreter built in, Your chance to own one of the first home computers to be sold in the UK (1978). You can either load the Blackjack cassette or type in your own BASIC program - lots of them in the handbook. What better way to learn about minimalist computing

Logi 386SX - reawakened with a new RTC battery, a massive 200MB hard disk and MSDos 6.2. Can be seen running Gorrillas through an external screen (the built in LCD is a) monochrome b) smeary and c) very slow) by appointment.

Thanks to for the picture.