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How much of your data can you afford to lose ?

Like only flossing the teeth you want to keep, you only need to back up files you want to keep. What would you do if all the family photos, your dissertation or your business files were lost? It has been suggested that 75% of small businesses who lose their data fail wilthin a year. Data loss can be due to hard disk failure caused by an impact (much less of one than you would think), an electrical surge caused by a dying motherboard, water damage, failure of the hard drive electronics or the magnetic layer on the discs; accidental deletion or an inadvertent reset back to factory defaults (not that uncommon), theft of the machine, fire, you name it. We keep a selection of external hard drives and memory sticks and can advise you how to use them. We can also advise about and set up on line (cloud) backup systems like Drop Box , iCloud, OneDrive and Google Drive all of whom offer a certain amount of free storage and then charge (£1.99 per month for 50GB example with OneDrive) Much better to back your data up first rather than have to try and retrieve it from a failed disc which can be difficult (or impossible) and expensive (and not an option if stolen)