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Interceptor 650

Ah - G994PNH - where are you now - There follows a blow by blow account of the long struggle to get this car up together. This was originally written on a Psion 5 on successive evenings down the pub and published using the Serif Webplus service that is now discontinued so is now reproduced as a text file

The trip to Helensburgh and back was uneventful and only consumed the expected amount of petrol - once moving it's not much worse than the V6. An unexpected result, however, was an aching ankle due to the missing accelerator pedal and lack of cruise control. To be accurate, the pedal and ridiculously complicated and pointless seeming end bit were there but the flat bit usually touched by the foot had broken off leading to a funny foot angle being required. Plenty of time, then, to reflect on  things that needed fixing known about at the time.

From the front. Incorrectly parking LH headamp wiper and inoperative headlamp washers.

Funny graunching noises from front and difficulty with sharp turns.

No cruise control

No cooler working in aircon.

Severe tramlining when using inside lane.

Difficulty in negotiating bumps due to the already low (at 94mm) ground clearance being reduced to 54mm

No Self cancelling on indicators

Funny whirring noise from front

Once back at home the most irritating of these, the ride height, was addressed by the acquisition and fitting of some standard struts and springs from my friendly local Audi breaker who had a set. Amazingly. This fixed the ride height but not the tramlining or graunching.

Reference to the handbook, SJM autotechnic and revealed several other little problems namely no brake / gearshift interlock buzzer, no motorised gearshift return from manual, a reported incorrect alignment of the RH distributor and no means of checking the gearbox fault codes due to an inability to find the PRND321 display. It certainly wasn't were the handbook showed it to be and eventually turned up (faulty) in between the speedo and rev counter beneath the warning lights (where the temperature display lives in the A6). Another trip to the Audi breaker secured one of these (the same as that fitted to the A4 auto) which brought the display back enabling me to establish that there was no earth continuity to pin whatever of the gearbox controller via the cruise control defeat brake switch.

While on the subject of difficult access, (a firm favourite with these cars and especially with this one) I was interested to notice during the removal of the aircon programmer involved in the investigation into the demisting shortage that the recirculating flap appeared to be secured shut with a large screw. How unusual I thought and investigated further. Yes, somebody had lost the return spring which is really rather awkward to reach. Fortunately I had a spare spring and had enjoyed fitting the spring and flap in previous cars - with this and a go at cleaning the quite disgustingly clogged evaporator matrix only a couple of hours and a small amount of blood were spent.

One problem not so far mentioned was the inability to open any doors from the driver's side. Not ideal when parking normally in UK in tight spaces. This was to be addressed in the  next instalment along with the phone kit and alarm system. Previously the phone kit power lead had been run back to the battery. This had been done at the same time as the CD changer lead when a draw wire was also left to facilitate the pulling through of alarm wires. At this time the general difficulty of doing anything to this car once again had made itself obvious not least during the struggle to get the rear seat back out.

Part Two

Part Three